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Yay! We're not dead!

Three months later and Jessie's Birthday is finally over.
We promise there will be at least 3 more updates in the near future. Many things have blocked our ability to post new comics, first and foremost AOL. It's the spawn of the devil herself, and would never stay online long enough for us to download anything. In addition, Webpuppy's scanner was damaged when she moved and will most likely need replaced. We are relying on the kindness and patience of her new roommate for scanning new comics. So sit back, the next few months are going to be
bumpy. In other news, 3 more links have been added, as well as the ComC Gallery we have been promising in the Misc. Section. The Unofficial ComC Forum that was posted in the Guestbook is now 'Official' and you can get to it directly from the main page.We thank all our loyal fans for their patience, and you can stop spaming the guestbook with threatening posts.

It's Jessie's Birthday!

Hey, hey! It's that time of the year! No not taxes.. It's our good friend
Jessie's Birthday! Huzzah! Jessie was the one we stole the idea, I mean inspired us to do a comic of our own! So show your support by reading Dakota's Ridge and signing her spiffy web-card!


New, New, New

Well February is almost over and we have some shiney new stuff for you. In addition to a new comic we have 2 new submissions to the Fanart Section, Jen drew us an adorable pic of CB and Kender has graced us with a wonderful piece of fanart as well. Also, the first winner of out couter contest has been found and the gift picture is up for veiwing in the Misc. Section.

This Just In--ComC is Pretty!!

That's right, our homebase is new, improved and jam-packed full of max adorability. Stay awhile! Look around! We spruced the place up just for you! :)
There is a lot of great new stuff so check it ALL out. The Miscellaneous and Fanart sections have grown considerably! Plus there is a contest!
To find out what it's about pop over to Misc. and read the rules.