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Do you like our comic? Can you draw better than a Rhesus monkey with prosthetic paws? Send us pictures and we'll post 'em here with your info! Give us a URL or attach the pics to your email. Please keep all submissions under 150k. :)

Send your creative gems to:

PS: We cheerily accept fanfiction as well!



Jessie LOVES Krupp. Here's her first ever illo of our favorite beefcake!
Heh...OK, the secret's out! Jessie LOVES Krupp!! Down girl...
Nothin' says lovin' like Krupp in the oven.


Stacey has her own spin on the 'ponents. Her Wrenchy gots purple hair. Oh baby, baby, it's a wild world...
Masta Elok and his lovely laydays!
Here's Electra again! What a blousy playboy he is...
More Wrenchy! Still Purple!
It's Pursey with CB, the Red Caboose! If anyone spots anything cuter than this in the wild, try to capture it alive...


Get down on your knees and tell Pearl you love her.


If Wrenchy had a twin brother, this would be he.


Damn sexy cats...
Electra serenading the funeral of Stex!


Damn sexy Wrenchy...

Louie Furrywolfy:

Lou LOVES Phantom!! ;)


Aww! Even anthropomorphic trains are cute when they're asleep...with anthropomorphic cats...


A Jouley fanfic! Krupp and Pursey get introduced to a fond State Uni tradition...
A component of Jouley's own creation, Violet!


Jouley looks even more confused than usual...


A comic! About trains and cats in love!! You know, a few years ago I might've thought that strange...
Jen's also loaned us this charming letter from one froofy train to another...
Pursey, if you saw him in real life!


Kender's been promising us fanart for like two years. Joy!!