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Favoritism Sites:

No contest: Pearl's place is THE Starlight Express website. If ever you had a hankering for legitimate info on singing trains, Pearl's Domain has it all.
Love her!!

Belle's Domain, all new and spiffy!
A major fansite.

The Rustiest place on the web. Dig it.

An entire website devoted to Wrenchy. The Lord is good.

Not much there yet, but we LUV Jouley!!!

Arno's not a Stexer. In fact, I don't even know what Arno is. Word, Arno.

The Official Tom Cox Website
Web-renowned for its high levels of Tom-foolery. ;)

Complicated social commentary, by our beloved hipsters.

Other online comics you should read only after reading ours:

The paw-pular musings of our pal Jessie. Two opposable thumbs up!

This one's set in Columbus, Ohio. Let's hear it for the home team!

This comic features a wacky, Jouley-esque chick named Collette and
that's why we like it. That and summat about cool art and writing.

I don't care what anyone says, I think Spam jokes are funny.
And Lindesfarne is da bomb!!

The W.P. recommends this one for its great story. I understand it's quite a read, though, so bring a lunch.

When I am King
Wickedly creative and highly enjoyable. Contains what appears to be Freehand-generated sex and nudity.

Sick and Twisted, and Webpuppy never misses an update.

Starlight Sites