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Next, for you ladies and engines at home, we have a marvelous view of the college campus..” Purse, video camera plastered to his eye, narrated. The group livened their pace as they approached the end of the field.  
“What a fantastic sight.. Oh.. and here are the others – Volta, Wrench.. don’t you have anything to say to the folks back home?” He turned the camera onto the backs of those walking in front of him. 
“Purse.. I swear, if that camera is focused on my ass again..” Volta hissed, stopping in her tracks. “What? Nooooo.. Why’d I do that?” Purse gripped his camera a bit tighter and quickly began spanning the outsides of the dorms. “Yeah, and besides.. doesn’t Wrench have enough videos of your ass?..” Joule giggled. Wrench narrowed her eyes threateningly. 
“Whatever.. Jouley, Wrenchy.. Come on.” Volta grabbed hold of her sister’s collar and began dragging her away towards their dorm, leaving Purse and Krupp behind. 
“So.. Purse.. what were you filming?” Krupp asked, peering over the smaller truck’s shoulders at the camera screen. “Hmm? Oh.. the campus.. I can’ believe she’d accuse me of filming her like that.. I mean, I DID learn my lesson..” 
Krupp nodded. “But you got to admit.. that was one funny video..”
“Mhmm.. Oooh.. come on, let’s go get our room.” Purse tucked the camera into the crook of his arm and the two entered the building. 
Down in the basement of the dorm crowded a bunch of seniors. One of them cleared his throat as the din died down. “It has been brought to my attention that we have two new freshmen on our floor.” A slight murmur arose from the crowd as this fact was spewed around. “Now.. as seniors it is our duty to make sure each new student is put through the age-old initiation. Which we all know is..” 
“Come on Krupp, you gotta do this!” Purse whined, banging his fists on the bathroom stall. “Don’t you want to be accepted?”
“Yeah.. but.. They coulda found me a larger size..” He slowly opened the stall door and stepped out. Purse giggled.. “You got that right.. Anyway, come on!” He grabbed Krupp’s arm and yanked him out of the bathroom. 
“We’re ready!!” 
Back on the girls’ floor, a loud ruckus started up as Purse and Krupp were lead into the hall. “Go for it!” One of the seniors shouted.. Purse looked at Krupp, who looked about ready to die. “Oh suck it up! Let’s go!” The two began running down the hall, arms waving about.
Volta had heard the noise coming from down the hall and opened her door a crack. The hall was lined with girls waving and hollering. “What’s going on?” She asked the small group across the hall. “Freshman initiation!” One of them replied back, as two bodies lumbered down the hall towards them. 


“Gotta love men in women’s underwear!”