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This is a rebeefing of everything we were trying to warn you about on page one.

"Components on Campus" exists solely for the sake of parody. Many of the characters in "Components on Campus" were derived from stageplays that we didn't write. Thereby, the creators of "Components on Campus" do not claim ownership of any show from whence any character originated. We do this comic strictly for chuckles. So please, nobody get excited. It's all good. It was out of love and respect for the theatre itself that we perpetuated this act of satirical comedy in the first place. That and we were bored.

Meanwhile, all the Art displayed on this website is the original work of Kae and/or Mudslide, unless otherwise noted. All comic art there involved is Copyright Angie Kae. No touchy unless you talk to us. End of story.

As far as Ratings go, "Components on Campus" often contains harsh language, slapstick violence, adult situations, alternative lifestyles and possible nudity (hey, the evening's barely started). If you are young and/or impressionable, get ye gone. Meantime, if you have any particular grievance against any of the afore-mentioned situations found in this comic, you might likewise amscray. Either way, don't write and regale us on how offended you are at such-and-such when you could have saved yourself the ulcer by simply reading this handy-dandy Disclaimer page.

Got it? Sweet.